ERC: adottato il Work Programme 2023 - Horizon Europe
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L’ERC ha adottato il Work Programme 2023 con un budget totale di circa 2,2 miliardi di euro per grant.

Il Work Programme ERC 2023 è disponibile cliccando qui

Di seguito le principali caratteristiche del WP ERC 2023:

  • This ERC Work Programme is the third under the 2021-2027 Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union (‘Horizon Europe’).
  • Considering the Union’s interest to retain, in principle, relations with the countries associated to the predecessor programme to Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020, most third countries associated to Horizon 2020 have already, or are expected to be, associated to Horizon Europe, while association agreements with certain countries have now started producing legal effects. For the purposes of the eligibility conditions, applicants established in Horizon 2020 Associated Countries or in other third countries negotiating association to Horizon Europe will be treated as entities established in an Associated Country, if the Horizon Europe association agreement with the third country concerned applies at the time of signature of the grant agreement. Starting, Consolidator, Advanced, and Synergy Grants will be available under this Work Programme. ERC Principal Investigators funded under one of these grants under prior Work Programmes will also be able to apply for complementary funding, via the Proof of Concept Grants.
  • Restrictions on applications will apply to the 2023 calls based on the outcome of the evaluation of previous calls – see restrictions on submission of proposals under “Admissibility and eligibility criteria”. Submission restrictions for Principal Investigators who served as panel members under previous calls apply. The members of ERC panels alternate to allow panel members to apply to the ERC calls in alternate years.
  • For ERC Starting and Consolidator Grants, as from 2023, the reference date towards the calculation of the eligibility period is the certified date of the successful defence (and not the award) of their PhD degree.
  • In addition to the previously existing grounds for extension of the PhD eligibility window for Starting and Consolidator Grants, the documented time of applicant Principal Investigator’s inability to work before the call deadline due to a natural disaster or for seeking asylum, which occurred after the date of successful PhD defence, might be considered  see detailed rules under section “Admissibility and eligibility criteria”
  • The evaluation elements of the Proof of Concept Grant have been slightly modified.
  • Finally, as from 2021, it is no longer possible for applicants to opt out of the submission of Research Data Management plans.

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Per maggiori informazioni, puoi consultare la pagina dedicata al programma: ERC – European Research Council

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