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La Commissione europea ha fornito maggiori indicazioni su “How to complete part A of a Horizon Europe MSCA Staff Exchanges proposal?”

In Part A, applicants will be asked for certain administrative details that will be used in the evaluation and further processing of their proposal. Part A constitutes an integral part of the proposal.

The Electronic Submission Service provides guidance on how to complete the Part A, which includes the following steps:

Step 1: Login using the coordinator’s EU Login account

Step 2: Selection of the funding scheme

Step 3: Creation of a draft proposal (selection of the Coordinator’s PIC, insertion of the Acronym, the Abstract and selection of the scientific panel)

Step 4: Parties: creation of the consortium; Addition of the participants’ PICs and contact persons. All participating organisations should be added at this stage, either as “beneficiary” or “associated partners” (including both the associated partners and the associated partners linked to a beneficiary). To do so, click on the blue button “Add Partner“.

Step 5: Upload of Part B1 and B2, and Editing of the forms (part A), including the following sections:

Section 1: General information about the proposal;
Section 2: Data on participating organisations (list of beneficiaries and associated partners, researchers involved, role of participating organisation in the project, Gender equality plan);
Please note that associated partners do not need to list the researchers involved nor the role of the participating organisation in the project.

Please also note that neither the beneficiaries, nor the associated partners, need to fill in the list of up to five publications, relevant previous projects, or significant infrastructure. This information will need to be stated in the relevant section of part B2.

Section 3: Budget (request for funding in terms of person-months);
Please note that partner organisation from low to middle income countries, listed in the ‘Horizon Europe Programme Guide’, are automatically eligible for funding and should encode their request for funding in terms of person-months.

Please also note that partner organisation from other third countries not listed in the above mentioned ‘Horizon Europe Programme Guide’ should encode no budget in terms of person-months in the Budget table, otherwise the encoded budget will be considered a request for exceptional funding. However, if the granting authority does not consider their participation as essential for implementing the project, then the corresponding person-months encoded will be deducted from the total amount and will not be redistributed among the other participants.

Section 4: Ethics and Security.
Applicants must validate the form in order to check if there is no missing information or blocking issue. Applicants save and close the form.

The proposal is at the “Edit proposal” stage.

Applicants validate the proposal (step 5) for a final check before submission.

Fonte: Commissione europea

Per maggiori informazioni, puoi consultare la pagina dedicata al programma: MSCA – Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions

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