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La REA (European Research Executive Agency) ha pubblicato questa nota per coloro che stanno presentando una proposta nella call MSCA Staff Exchanges 2021:

Due to IT constrains in the budget calculation, all participants (beneficiaries and associated partners) must be encoded in SEP submission forms by clicking the button “Add partner”.
The distinction between “beneficiaries” and “associated partners” will be done at the Grant Agreement Preparation phase (GAP) for the proposals that will be retained for funding.
Legal entities located in Member States and Associated Countries (MS/AC) can be considered as associated partners during GAP phase if a Letter of Commitment (LoC) was submitted in the proposal. These associated partners (MS/AC) must encode 0€ costs in the budget table.

Legal entities located in non-associated Third Countries will be automatically considered as associated partners and must submit a Letter of Commitment (LoC) in the proposal.
Low to middle-income third countries listed in the Horizon Europe Programme Guide are eligible to receive funding and can encode costs in the budget table.

Note: For the 2021 call, applicants must submit Part B of their proposal as two separate documents: Part B1 and Part B2 (the correct link will be available in the forthcoming days).

Fonte: Commissione europea

Per maggiori informazioni, puoi consultare la pagina dedicata al programma: MSCA – Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions

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