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Lla Commissione europea ha pubblicato un nuovo template del budget per il lump sum.


A new template has been republished for your kind consideration and use.

An additional paragraph has been added to the instructions tab, explaining how to save the detailed budget table and how to upload it in the submission system.

The following instructions have been added:

“After you completed this Excel workbook, you must also complete the table ‘Budget for the proposal’ in Part A of the proposal, entering the requested EU contribution for each participant. Fill the Part A budget table using the total for each participant from the sheet ‘Lump sum breakdown’ in this Excel workbook.

The format of this Excel workbook is .xlsm because it uses macros to generate sheets and make calculations automatically. Always save it as .xlsm. However, this format cannot be uploaded to the submission system for security reasons.

Therefore, to submit the completed workbook, save a copy as an .xlsx or .xls document (and not as .xlsm) and upload it to the proposal submission tool at Step 5 of the submission process. Always keep a copy of the original .xlsm file.

To save the workbook as .xlsx document, use the action button in the sheet “Instructions”. Alternatively, click on “ File” and then “ Save as”; in the “Save as” dialog box, choose “ .xlsx” or “.xls” from the “ Save as type” dropdown list.”

You can still use the template initially available in the submission system if you wish to, but please be aware of the instructions on how to upload and save the file.”

Fonte: Commissione europea

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